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Последние комментарии

Вторник, 11 августа 2015 23:53

Agnes Cecile

The Italian artist Silvia Pelissero, better known as agnes-cecile, primarily creates emotionally evocative watercolor paintings.  Though completing some art classes while in high school, Pelissero is largely self-taught.  Through her work and experimentation she has developed a particularly whispy yet moody watercolor style.  Her subjects seem to emerge out of subtle stains and promptly fade back into the paper as if viewed through a thick fog.  Pelissero also captures a certain subtlety of emotion.  Strong but restrained feeling appears to lurk just behind many of her portrait’s eyes, a certain understatedness that pairs well with her medium.


Вторник, 11 августа 2015 00:58

Reey Whaar

Reey Whaar is a phenomenal Russian illustrator. I should mention that I was overwhelmed by the talent and ideas of this artist. I always thought that acrylics can create tremendous impact. The case does not make a difference. Great colors and tones, combined with brilliant ideas of Reey are the foundation of these great works. Enjoy !

Воскресенье, 09 августа 2015 23:57

Дима Ребус


Россия известна своми известными и талантливыми художниками.Однако немногое известно о современных иллюстраторах.

Дима Ребус выпускник Московского Института Искусств который уже завоевал огромную популярность в России и за рубежом к 25 годам.Дима сотрудничает с различными студиями дизайна такими как Total Football, Snob, Esquire, GQ и многими другими.Его работы свзаны с социальными темами,иронией и ежедневной жизнью,однако, реалии и тематика заставляет вас задуматься.

Ребус говорит:"Вы не поверите ,но я знаю нечто"."Юмор и ирония так же необходимы как воздух;однако отказ от чрезмерной серьезности может запросто подавить вас.Просто я всего лищь стараюсь добавить немного абсурда в мои поступки."





Суббота, 08 августа 2015 05:50

Dima Rebus

 Russia is well known as the birthplace of many famous and talented artists. However, few know about the country's illustrators. 

  Dima Rebus is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Arts and Industry who had already earned enormous popularity both in Russia and abroad by age 25. Dima collaborates with many design studios and major publishers, his clients including the magazines Total Football, Snob, Esquire, GQ, and many others. His work is intertwined with social topics, personal experiences, irony, and everyday life, but their reality and topicality sometimes force you to think.

Rebus says. : "You wouldn't believe, but I know something DIMA REBUS «Humor and irony are as necessary as air; otherwise, an abundance of extreme seriousness can simply suffocate you. Put simply, I just try to add a little absurdity to my actions."